Blog Settings and Styling

First of all create a new page Without content for blog posts, then go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and set blog page for posts like below:

Now if you check your site like this you can see your blog posts

Now for customizing blog settings go to Appearance > Customize > Blog

  1. Blog Settings, Templates, Number of Posts, excerpts, etc.
  2. Blog Styles, You can change styling of blog parts such as title, meta, etc.
  3. Single Settings, Features, Related posts, Next Prev posts, etc.
  4. Single Styles, You can change styling of single posts such as title, tags, etc.


Blog Settings

  1. Template, You can create another new page example name it “Blog Custom Template” then with page builder add Posts element inside it, Then from Blog Settings > Template select it. This option will allow you to create different blog templates via page builder.
  2. Default Template Style, If you skip previous option, then you can choose default blog template
  3. Posts Per Page, You can set how many posts you want per each blog page
  4. Excerpt Length, Limiting words of posts content in blog page
  5. Read More, Title of read more button for posts that have excerpt limit


Single Blog Settings

  • Single Post Features, Enable / Disable features you want in single post page
  • Prev / Next Post Sur title, Such as Previous Post or Next Post
  • Related title, Related posts container title
  • Related columns, Number of columns for related posts section
  • Related Count, Number of posts for related posts section
  • Comments title, Title of comments section


Styling of Blog Page or Posts

From Blog > Blog Styles or Single Styles section you can access on all parts of blog posts to change styling of title, featured images, meta data, read more button and all available parts.

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