Footer Builder and Footer Widgets

Same as header builder you can create footer rows but in the footer, you have one static middle row that named Footer Widgets, it contains widgets columns that you can set widgets in 1-2-3-4-6 column.

For accessing footer options go to Appearance > Customize > Footer

  1. Top of Footer, you can create row with available elements and design them
  2. Footer Widgets, you can set Number of Widgets Columns then add widgets from Appearance > Widgets
  3. Bottom of Footer, is same as Top of Footer you can create row
  4. More, Overall footer style kit and Back to Top button settings


1. Top or Bottom of Footer

First option Row Type, you want to Create New Row or Use custom page content as row. Then Add Left or Center or Right you can add element such as copyright text or menu or social icons. And below Styles title you can customize that row styles such as background, padding, margin, etc.


2. Footer Widgets Layout & Styling

  1. Widgets Layout, You can set Number of columns for footer row widgets
  2. Container styling of footer widgets row
  3. Row Inner, same as Container you can styling footer row but its width is related to site width and not window width
  4. Widgets, Styling of all widgets together
  5. Widgets Headlines, Styling of widgets titles
  6. Widgets Links, You can change typography of links inside widgets

For adding or editing widgets or widgets content settings, Go to Appearance > Widgets

3. More Footer Options

From Appearance > Customize > Footer > More you can customize overall footer styling such as adding background image for overall footer container.

Second feature in footer > more is Back to Top button and last feature is Fixed contact form or you can add any page content inside fixed box behind Back to Top button, Enable it by choosing page from drop down menu. In Right bottom of your site screen you can see that features.

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