After this section you can edit content via Page Builder, Go to Pages and edit Home page

Or in your site front page, in the admin bar find Edit Page ( Back-end Editor ) or Edit with WPBakery Page Builder ( Front-end Editor )

For changing Logo go to Theme Options > Header > Logo

For changing size and margin, go to Theme Options > Header > Header > Logo element

For editing mobile and tablet header go to Theme Options > Header > Mobile, Tablet Header
This section is Slider, You can edit, add or remove go to Dashboard > Revolution Slider

For disabling slider or changing it with other title types

Example Breadcrumbs or Title, Go to Page Edit > Page Settings > Title Type

For overall website title type go to Theme Options > Title & Bredcrumbs

This is a Image elements.

You can change the Image and background layer (dots) inside of this element edit box in page builder.

This is Carousel element, that contains Team elements.

You can edit Carousel settings in its edit settings and change the each Team from their edit.

This is an Image element, that you can find it in page builder. and after image you can find the Hotspot elements that you can edit and move them by drag and drop feature.

For editing or removing Back to Top or Quick Contact items go to Theme Options > Footer > More

Instead Quick Contact also you can create any page and assign it.

For changing Copyright text go to Theme Options > Footer > Bottom of Footer > Icon and Text Element

This is a Page Content widget that contains a page content, so you can edit this part in Pages > Footer Widget
This is a Counter element, so you can edit this in page builder.

This section is Footer and this 1 column is Widget, You can edit Widget from Appearance > Widgets

In widget you will find Footer 1 sidebar area and you can modify it.

For changing background of Footer, Go to Theme Options > Footer > Footer Widgets > Container Style Kit

How to change background?

For changing the color go to Design Options tab and set your color

For adding background Image (Parallax Image) You can edit row under tab General find Parallax image and add your image.

This Row has -130px margin top, for changing or removing this margin go to this Row edit > Design Options > Margin Top in CSS box (now set to -130px)

This is Content Box element, that contains Title and Text element.

You can edit Content Box for styling the box and then edit the Title and Text element for styling and settings of inside text.

This is a Content box and inside it there is Service Box. It mean you can add or remove element inside content box.

For example you can change styling of content box such as border, background, colors, etc.

Under Flip Box tab you can change settings of back box content and styling. For changing background image under Flip Box click on Overall StyleKit and change the background image.

for accessing to front side of box you should trun OFF the flip box temporary and then edit the front box’s element then turn it ON back.

This is Title and Text element, that you can find it in page builder and edit it with ease.

for editing the Square shape go to Element Edit > Shape

This is Title and Text element, that you can find it in page builder and edit it with ease.

This is Gallery & Instagram element. you can edit it in page builder.

you can set any style and hover effect and overlay color and icon.

For editing menus items go to Appearance > Menus

For editing menu navigation settings go to Theme Options > Header > Header > Menu Element

And for styling menus go to Theme Options > Header > Header > Menu Styles of this Row