Page Builder Usage from Scratch

WPBakery Page Builder ( Former Visual Composer ) has everything you need to manage content elements with a single click, add, edit, duplicate, remove, move or create element presets, etc. Build a responsive pages and manage your content easily with intuitive WordPress Front end Drag and Drop page builder. Although our skin is slightly different, the main features are the same.

Back-end Editor

  1. Switch between Back end and Classic mode of page builder, Classic mode is old WordPress post editor and back end mode is page builder in same area
  2. Front end live page builder that you can see all the elements and changes same as live website
  3. Add Elements to your page and modify / customize them as you want
  4. Add Templates, Theme comes with 200+ premium ready to use content blocks that you can modify and use them for you page sections
  5. Add simple Text block to your page for adding text content
  6. Full screen view of page builder
  7. Add Custom CSS for only this page
  1. Filters of all page builder elements categories for better access to elements
  2. Live Search for finding and quick access to specific element(s)
  3. Click on Row for start adding other element(s)
  1. Set number of Columns for Row
  2. Remove Row
  3. Duplicate / Clone Row at same section
  4. Edit Row features such as stretch, background, parallax, ID, class, CSS design, etc.
  5. Adding new element to that column
  6. Remove column
  7. Edit column styling, responsive, class, etc.
  8. Prepend element to that column
  9. Removing a element
  10. Duplicate / Clone an element on same section
  11. Edit element for customizing styles and element features
  12. Its element that added before, you can drag it on other columns or rows
  13. Append element to that column

Front-end Live Editor

  1. Adding a new element to page
  2. Template Library Over 200 content blocks ready to use
  3. Preview Mode will help you to see page without controls before publish
  4. Option for adding custom CSS styles for this page only
  5. Preview page on Responsive modes
  6. Redirect you to back-end editor
  7. Update or Publish page you have created
  8. Close front end and back to site or back-end, depend on what page you are came from
  9. Remove that column plus all content and children
  10. Prepend new elements to that column
  11. Edit column for styling or modify features
  12. Remove element
  13. Duplicate / Clone element
  14. Prepend element inside element container ( Some of element are container )
  15. Edit element styling, settings, animation, responsive, etc.
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