General Style Kits

Theme have General Style Kits for customizing styles of body, layout, buttons, inputs, widgets, etc.

From Appearance > Customize > General Styles > Styles you can access them, below you can read short information about styles kits.

  • front side of styles title you can Switch between Simple Style Kits or Advanced Styles Kits
  • Body: You can change body background, image, border, etc.
  • Layout: First change layout to Boxed then you can change background, border, radius, etc.
  • Buttons: Styling of all default buttons in theme, like search button, comment form button, shop buttons, etc.
  • Content Box: For pages and single posts content box area and not widgets
  • Primary Sidebar Area: Opposite to content box it will affect on sidebar area of primary and also secondary sidebar have style kit
  • Widgets: You can set style for all widgets items in primary and secondary sidebars
  • Images: General style kit for all images, you can change radius, border, etc.
  • Input, Textarea: This will affect on all forms inputs and textarea.
  • Select: Styles for all select drop down options in forms
  • Lightbox Background: Styles for images light box background and loader
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