Header Sticky and Smart Sticky

You can make any rows of header Sticky or make completely different sticky header row

  1. Sticky Header: Choose which row of header you want make it sticky or select last one to create separately different header sticky
  2. Smart Sticky: Smart sticky will Hide your sticky header when visitor scrolling down, then will Show sticky header when visitor  a little scrolling up.
  3. Row Container Styles: Click on it and try to change background color to see changes and understand how it works, This works just when header have sticky class. Scroll down page to see changes.
  4. Row Inner Styles: Its same as row container but its width is related to site width and not window width.

Custom Sticky

Exactly same as creating new header row, you can create your own Custom Sticky Header, This header is hide in first load, then when visitor scrolling down in page, Sticky header will shows.

If you want to add custom logo for your custom sticky row, go to Customize > Header > Logo and set Logo Alternative and add it to sticky row as element.

Or another way is using of Image element, Example Add Left Element and from elements list choose Image then upload your site logo.

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