Title & Breadcrumbs & Slider

Go to Appearance > Customize >Title & Breadcrumbs, You will see a drop down option that contains this values:

  • None: This value will be Disabled title, breadcrumbs & slider for all default page
  • Title & Breadcrumbs: Enable title and breadcrumbs for all pages and posts
  • Revolution Slider: Enable Revolution Slider for all pages and posts, If you haven’t any sliders, go to Dashboard > Revolution Slider
  • Custom Code: Instead of title & breadcrumbs you can add custom codes, Example you can add Google Map Embed Code
  • Custom Page: If you have created Hero Page or something else, You can Select it


1. Title & Breadcrumbs

  1. Set title type to Title & Breadcrumbs
  2. Choose Title and/or Breadcrumbs Position
  3. Set Home icon for breadcrumbs
  4. Set Separator icon for breadcrumbs items
  5. Header Position relative to ( Title, Breadcrumbs & Slider ) area
  6. Background Parallax for Title, Breadcrumbs area, This option required background image for Container ( #7 )
  7. Container Style Kit, You can change padding and background of title & breadcrumbs area
  8. Inner Row, Same as Container but inner row width is fit to site width and not window
  9. Page Title, You can customize page title typography, colors, padding, etc.
  10. Breadcrumbs Typography like colors, sizes, etc.
  11. Breadcrumbs Inner, This style kit affects on breadcrumbs area container only
  12. Overall Row Container, If you set Title & Breadcrumbs on ( Left and Right ) then this option will works on inner container of both title and breadcrumbs


2. Slider Revolution

  1. Choose Revolution Slider from title type drop down option
  2. Choose your revolution slider that you have created before from Dashboard > Revolution Slider
  3. Header Position relative to Revolution Slider Area


3. Custom Code

  1. Choose Custom Code from title type drop down option
  2. Inset your custom HTML code or Text or Shortcodes
  3. Header Position relative to your Custom Code Area


4. Custom Page Content

  1. Choose Custom Page from title type drop down option
  2. Select Page that you want to show content of it
  3. Header Position relative to Custom Page Content Area

This is post showed you how you can set Title, Breadcrumbs, Slider and Custom content as Page Title for all default Pages and Posts, But if you want to set custom Title Area for Specific page, Edit that page and from page settings you can see some options for Title & Breadcrumbs.

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